So check it out… now that I’m in the middle of scheduling all sorts of appointments, and classes, and assessments for both me and the kiddo, and just as I was feeling the relief of a more open schedule to do so… my old job calls me.  They want me back, baby.  Plus, a couple of other jobs have contacted me as well.  Like everyone has called in the last two days.  ‘Cause I am SO hot.  (That’s me being facetious. To me.)  I ALSO had run across a couple of job listings that would be different from what I’ve been doing but that I think I would really like… but now I’m afraid to call them.

The problem when you work primarily part time and from home and/or on a project basis is the tendency to take on too many projects.  Especially when every time you read the paper it makes you think a recession is right around the corner.  And if you watch too much Jericho.  Then you get all paranoid and try to stock pile cash and vegetable seeds.  Try to remember how to make jam or scavenge for food; take an inventory of what household items are tradeable if the whole economy falls apart.  (I exaggerate.  A little.  I totally blame my hippie parents for my occasional paranoid, survivalist flashbacks. If it’s instilled young you never shake it completely.)

I digress.  The thing is I really don’t want an overwhelming, busy schedule again.  It takes away from the family and we’ve got a lot of family stuff going on.  And yet, I still like money.  And doing something other than just sitting at home.   Not that I’m ever really sitting. 

Where am I going with this?  I have no idea.  I just started typing and this is what came out.  Though the multiple job call thing is a bit weird.   At least my hormonal meltdown from the weekend is over. 

In other news…

I’ve been nominated for a BoB Award!  Check out The Best of Blogs Awards and nominate some of your favorite bloggers. This organization is a cool group who are trying to bring visibility to some of the lesser known blogs out there (as compared to the some of the habitual winners of other blog awards, not that I’m naming names).  Voting begins April 14th.   

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My cafepress store has been making sales without me doing any promotion at all!  (Slap me with a salami, when does that happen?!)  So I figure it’s time to get off my butt and learn to make a button link.  Even though the last time I attempted HTML was a really long time ago.  Please be forewarned, if this blog gets all cludgey it’s because of me.
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