I'm freaking myself out again. At least I'm hoping I'm just freaking myself out. I started a new medication for my thyroid condition and I'm having some side effects that I was going to talk to my doctor about. The primary one that's bugging me are really sore muscles after doing anything physical. And I don't mean running a marathon or learning jujitsu. I'm talking bending over to pull out weeds for five minutes and then being sore and tight for a day. Seriously? It's not serious but it is annoying.

Anyway, I've also been having a sore mouth.  Yes, a sore mouth.  I was going to write a funny post about the conspiracy of my medication giving me cold sores, or food ganging up on me, or something because it sounds funny!  You could go a lot of directions with that.  Been working that mouth too hard?  Where's that mouth been?  And so on and so forth.  I didn't think it was honestly related to the medicine.

Then I got on the freaking Internet.  Along with a sore throat and fever, both of which I have, gum disease could be a symptom of a serious side effect of this medication.

Are you fucking kidding me?