The giant magnifying glass pointed at my head – manned, no
doubt, by some prepubescent alien – has burned a hole in my skull from which
melted brains have oozed to puddle around my feet.   You could fry an egg on those brains.  

This laptop is doing a decent job of scorching the hair off
my crotch, too.  (Let’s pray it’s

Since I’m too hot to think of appropriate life lessons let’s
go for absurdity.  I started to write a little story about the chupacabra and an OB visit…

However, I have since learned that there is a press conference regarding the recent
in a town quite near me!! 

I ask you… would it be bad parenting for Chance and I to
attend this press conference? 

Would it be news(blog)worthy?

Your thoughts are appreciated.               – wg