I am trying to switch schedules this week.  I’m going to attempt to get my ass up earlier in the morning, or at least earlier than my son, so that I can groom myself and maybe do a few things around the house.  This may seem like no big deal, thousands of other moms get up early every day, but you need to understand… I’m NOT a morning person.  Previously I have been letting my ass sleep in until my son wakes up and then getting up with him.  This is usually between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. And I’ve been doing all of my work/writing/blogging at night after everyone is asleep, so I am often up quite late.  I actually don’t have a problem with this routine.  It suited me, it suited the kid, it’s definitely in line with my natural sleep patterns, BUT there are a few glitches.

Glitch #1 – early morning appointments. Usually I have to wait for Chance to take his first nap before I can get a shower. Consequently I have had more than a few stinky days.  (I don’t think I ACTUALLY stink; you know, that other people can smell.  But after a while I just feel icky.  And an icky mom is, um, well, gross.  There’s only so many layers of baby slobber, snot, and formula one can take.)

Glitch #2 – exhaustion.  Surprise, surprise, being SAH can be tiring.  Sometimes, as I’m trying to finish up a paying project I am really, really struggling to think clearly.  (As you can tell by my posts.  Sorry folks, you aren’t always getting my A game.  Sometimes I don’t even spell check.  Throw some cash my way and we’ll talk.) 

Glitch #3 – rush hour.  My Internet connection, lately, has SUCKED ASS late at night.  I blame it on all the folks surfing (and consequently, all the applications doing maintenance at the same time).  Blog at work, people!  That’s what it’s for! 

So there are my reasons.  Please, in no way confuse this with a resolution, because it aint.  Just because it’s January and you say you’re gonna do something does not automatically make it a resolution.  This is merely an experiment in time management.  We’ll see how it goes.  Blogging posts and making/responding to comments will remain as erratic as ever, I promise ( – that’s called an ANTI-resolution).

Thank you for your patience.     – the (weird) management