Tomorrow we’re taking a little, last minute trip (booked
Thursday!) to Yosemite to introduce Chance to
snow. I’m really looking forward to it… not
only is it going to be a blast to play in the snow (we got sleds!) and see how
Chance reacts but Yosemite is beautiful in the winter and it’s
been far too long since Keen and I were last there. I also got slammed with work this week and a
break would be nice. Being out in nature
always relaxes me. (Though, honestly,
I’m not too crazy about cold weather… now and then is fine, but after too
much time I always feel like I can never warm up. Yes, I am a baby.) In preparation me and Keen have spent the
last couple of days frantically hunting down toddler-sized snow apparel. That crap is mad expensive, yo!  (Hell-ooo, rentals!)

I also (even though I’m not really a “resolution” girl) made
a decision to finally work on the novel this year that’s been percolating in my
head for the last two years. I’m part of
a writing group, started by the lovely GGC, and I’m past due to join the other
brave souls and submit something for critique.  (And wouldn’t you know it, the week I’m
slammed with work I also can’t stop
about the novel!)  I’ll be
carrying my trusty notebook (paper, not computer) to Yosemite to crunch through some prose. I was
going to take my laptop but… I don’t know, snow + new-ish computer… that just
sounds like a biting-me-in-the-ass recipe.  (Mommy Brain extends to all potential
disasters, child-related or otherwise.)

So folks, I’m out of here for a couple of days. Have fun and know you all (and WiFi) will be
sorely missed!

       – the weirdgirl