We managed to squeeze out one last trip this summer and went up to Tahoe for a couple of days. It was very mellow and nice.  (Of course, I forgot to take pictures.)  I think it was the first relaxing trip/social event I had this summer.  I don't know what it was but summer this year was a little nuts. 

However, now I am neck deep in a work deadline, so the posts will be short and sweet for a while.  Although I AM going to try to post more
.  I mean, really wg, what a slacker.

Summer also still seems to have a grip on us around here.  It is HOT.  Between you and me, I'm sick of it now.  Sunny California weather be damned.  I am especially sick of my summer clothes.  I am tired of shorts that don't quite fit (do they have to put a bulging drawstring in every pair?) and slobby tank tops because that's all you can stand to wear in the heat.  I am ready for Fall.  I am ready for cute sweaters and closed-toe shoes.  And really comfy sweats in the evenings with a big mug of hot lemonade.  (Have you tried that?  It's so good.  You just nuke a little lemonade in the microwave or even squeeze a lemon fresh with a bit of sugar in hot water… mmmm, yum!) 

Of course, I'm still drinking hot tea even in the heat because that tea is like lifeblood to me! I don't care if the Starbucks people look at me funny when I turn down their offers to "ice" it!  I need it HOT, goddamnit!  Don't you know that caffeine is heat-activated?!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah… so you know what I've been doing in the evenings instead of relaxing in my comfy sweats with hot lemonade and/or hot tea?  I've been moving fans around in front of every single window in the house, all open of course, trying to cool down the house before bed.  Sometimes I am doing this until midnight.  Then I have to close everything up again against our local pack of marauding raccoons. 

Cheeky little buggers.  I just know they'll steal my tea and lemons.
          – wg