Things have been a veritable whirlwind around here
lately! First there was a family
graduation party, then a bar-b-que, then a grocery trip, then another grad
party, then running out to Target and a birthday, then on to the farmer’s
market, then BACK to Target! And
countless phone calls, emails, and scheduling of appointments in between! Running this way, that way… it’s been nothing
but a breath-catching, nonstop thrill ride! I tell you my blood pressure has been spiking higher than 80-year-old on

OK, “busy schedule” takes on a different meaning once you’ve
got kiddos in tow. I’d like to attach
the word “social” to that “busy schedule” but you know… some weeks yes, some
weeks no (barring family, I don’t think they count anyway). We DID get to go to dinner, with another
couple (and our kids). On a Saturday
night! At the very last minute! A brief phone call a couple hours before and
we went! It almost made me feel like a
post-college, care-free young buck again. (Or maybe I would be a “buckette”?) Anyway, that was fun.

We’ve also had lots of “activity on the house”. That’s realtor speak for, “I can smell
commission coming!” Our old house, I
mean, that’s still on the market. Apparently there have been some “interested parties”. Wish us luck. I’ll miss our old house… but not a double mortgage. 

(I still hope our old house goes to a good home, though.) – wg