Here's my BlogHer '11 wrap-up post! It's been crazy around here since I got back. There's been work and school started this week and we all got colds on top of that. The first week of school! Yay. 

So a few highlights and notable moments from BlogHer… First and foremost I had a wonderful road trip with my best friend, even though we both came back really tired. I think the point was to have a vacation, wasn't it?  Anywho, we had fun, took way too much time on the road but listened to some good tunes, had long talks, and when we ran out of things to talk about we took naps!  What could be better?  Oh, and we managed to snag more than one complimentary backrubs at BlogHer. Yeah-yuh!

I got to meet my fellow Culture Brat writer, Seth!  Just in case you didn't know, he is super cool. You should go tell him I said so.  I also got to catch up with some of my favorite old school bloggers, Katie, Ben, Kristen and Liz, Matthew, Jason, Sarah, Catherine, Jenny and I know I am forgetting people which kills me because you guys are great.  These are folks who started blogging about the same time I did, when it was a much smaller world, and it was really, really nice seeing people again.  It's a funny thing about the web, there's a tendency to start off close, then drift apart, and then circle back around again, just like so many other things in life.  I did miss a few people, both those who didn't come (Lori and Jodi – miss you!) and others I just didn't run into, like Jenny who is such a sweetheart I look forward to seeing her every year.  I also met some wonderful new people. I'm still going through cards, but you all can ping me anytime.  As usual, I forgot to take many pictures but I felt like I got to really connect with people so totally worth the lack of evidence.

I also won a couple of things at BlogHer!  I KNOW!  I participated in Lowe's DIY challenge and our team won second place!  I actually have a $25 gift certificate to give away so check back for that in a day or two.  I also won two bottles of margaritas from Bankrupting America!  Woohoo!  The ladies of my neighborhood thank you.  See, I knew being married to a CPA would come in handy someday. You know, besides just having someone to do my taxes. šŸ˜‰

So that's pretty much it. I didn't go to all the sessions, I arrived late to almost every meal, and I fell asleep once or twice and accidentally missed keynotes. I had a really great dinner at Cafe Chloe, enjoyed beautiful weather, and got to talk to some very cool folks.  For me, that's a pretty awesome trip.

Love and hugs,

the weirdgirl