This morning’s “conversation”…

ME: Come on, kiddo. Let’s put on your shoes and go to
school! Yay!

HIM: laughs, wiggles away

ME: Come on, we gotta
go. Here are your shoes. …Come here!

HIM: Pee!

ME, highly skeptical: Do you have to go potty? You just

HIM: laughs, runs to toys

ME, exasperated: Do
you want to go to school or not?


ME: blink a couple

ME: You don’t want to go to school, and play
with all your friends, and do all those cool activities?

HIM: studiously ignores me, but with a smirk on his face

Even though I like being a smartass (it adds character!), I
didn’t necessarily want those genes passed on. Can the sarcastic pre-teen possessing my toddler please leave now?

 – wg