I've been having serious time management issues as of late.  Right this moment I've got 20 minutes to write and eat a snack before Chance is out of quiet time.  He's sick again, too (we're just trading illnesses here like baseball cards) and demanding a lot of attention, work keeps coming in, our activity calendar has been nuts, and my juggling skills need to be shipped off to circus school.

I'm starting to feel extra super duper lame!

Speaking of which, it turns out BlogHer '09 and my 20th high school reunion are the same weekend!  Not that either of those are lame I just think about high school and automatically a flash back montage of dork girl me and Liz Lemmon's "flap flap flap" goes through my mind.  (Except I wasn't mean. I think. Just weird.) There was actually a casual high school get together over the weekend at a Dave and Buster's – bastion of those in denial of aging! – which I stopped in at (fortified by my best wing girl, of course).  I probably knew about five people there.  We stood by the wall.  BUT no one threatened to "Carrie" me (or my girlfriend) so I figured that came out OK.

Anyway… conundrums people.  What would you do?  Blogging convention or high school reunion? 

Who's going to BlogHer, btw?

           – the weirdgirl