Update.  Just so you know I'm not dead.  I stopped taking my medication and I had a blood test done and I haven't heard anything back from the doctor yet about that blood test so I'm just going to assume everything is fine.  I figure they would call if something serious came up, right?  There's no three day rule for doctors or anything.  Bad reaction to meds, end of story.

But I can tell you one thing… I'm not going on sore gum meds again. 

I felt pretty yucky for awhile but now it's getting better which brings me to something I've been avoiding… cleaning. Don't get me wrong, our house is clean. The dishes are done, the counters are clean, the floors are vacuumed/swept, but there are all those areas that don't need to be cleaned all the time that slowly build up grime and if you don't take care of them eventually you end up with an overall dingy house.  Ours is always bad by the end of summer.  I have a list of shit I would rather not do. Things like scrubbing down all the cabinets and steamcleaning cushions.  Wiping walls, washing windows.  Snore.

Because that's the thing they never talk about with housework.  They talk about how much work it is, that it's underappreciated yet necessary, even that it's important (uh… debatable).  They don't say that it's BORING!

Because it is.  It is totally totally boring.  Like staring at a wall, then applying soap.  And it hurts my back.

I'm not sure I believe those people who say they love housework.  I think they're hiding something.  Maybe they're spies, maybe they're doing some sort of super secret research.  I don't know.  I just don't buy it.  I'll probably have a wiretap put on my phone now.  I bet somewhere, someone who says they love cleaning is actually analyzing millions of posts for particular keywords and is now zooming in on my location via cross referenced satellite feeds. Instead of blissfully scrubbing the toilet one more time that person is speaking into a microphone, "She's found us out, sir," while s/he initiates government standard monitoring protocol. 

Because there's gotta be about a million more interesting things to do than clean.  I'm just saying.