I think I'm going to assign future Mondays as… Lobotomy Monday!  You know, it'd be like Wordless Wednesdays but with scalpels and scrambling for organization instead of pictures.  OK, there still may be pictures.  Anywho, Mondays are my organizing day and in general, (your disclaimer here) I tend to be really efficient!  (Stop laughing.)  I get everything scheduled for the week, plus a whole lot of items done. (Really!)

And then I don't know what happens but somewhere around Wednesday the week takes off on it's own.  Kind of impertinent if you ask me.  

Me and Keen took off over the weekend for a night alone. We hit a spa and had a nice dinner, which was a big treat for Keen, being on a diet and all.  It was really nice… until I called home Sunday morning to hear my little boy's broken sobs.  It turns out waking up in the morning without his parents around was a bit of a stresser for him!  Which, of course, turned into a stresser for me.  Oh, the anxious mom heartbreak!  I had to rush on out of there back home.  I guess I'm less of a toughie than I think I am.

Except for when it's time to be in charge.

Say it.

Calvin and hobbes lobotomy