Tomorrow (Wed.) Chance goes back to preschool. We are both so excited it’s a little ridiculous. Him because of 1) kids, 2) kids, and 3) kids! Me because guess how much I’ve gotten done these last two months? Not fricking much. (I mean, besides chasing Bigfoot and photoshopping Joan Rivers head onto some chick’s crotch. Those are just sanity savers anyway. I am way too type-A to not have something “productive” going on. (Yes, Bigfoot is productive.))

I went into a meeting at his school last week armed with SPD info and what techniques have been working with him. Chance got to come for the “visit” and run around the playground while all the other kids were having nap time. (Ah, naps! How I miss you!) He’s been bouncing off the walls ever since then.

I love my son, I love spending time with him, but in the realm of deep dark confessions, I can’t exactly say that playing cars for the 100th time (cars playing “school”, btw) rivets my attention. Especially when he’s been bored, too*. If I even step near my office it’s like having a drug-sniffing dog at my stash in 2.5 seconds.

So… yes, I have a list. A list of things I can do (or start uninterrupted) in the 3 ½ hours, 3 times a week that will start tomorrow. I don’t care if the list is unrealistic or not. I don’t care if the list items** are frivolous or highly necessary. All I know is I will be accomplishing things!

Because so far this summer I’ve baked a lot and gardened. I feel a little grandma-ish, all panties aside.

Back to comment-inspired posts next time!           – wg

*Bored sensory seeker = pooped parent.

**All list items subject to replacement by sleep without penalty.