Is it just me or are children's games getting more and more dumbed down?  As we move into fall I've noticed the holiday toy commercials are already getting more air frequency.  Some of these games are just… how do I put this?… OK, one of these "games" involves kids rolling dice and then yanking on a dog's tail until poop comes out.  I think it's intended as educational.  Now I'm no expert but the one unfortunate time I pulled a dog's tail I did not get poop.  I did not even want poop.  What I did get?  Well, shit would have been better and from that moment on I learned to be respectful of a dog and his nether regions.  Besides being incredibly misleading I also don't see how that game is supposed to keep kids occupied longer than the ten minutes they'll spend giggling over "poop".  Games are supposed to involve steps and goals and complicated rules and take up at least 45 minutes before someone has a meltdown and kicks the board!  That is what they are for!  And what about when that playdoh-y crap starts gunking up the dog's intenstines?  Am I supposed to foot that vet bill?  I don't think so.

Although, I suppose this game is still a step above the one with the pig where you feed it until it explodes, grinning the whole time. Unless it's exploding bacon and pork chops I don't see how it's teaching children anything realistic.