I overloaded on TV programming aimed (supposedly) at the teenaged
set last night.  (We all know they really
want to sucker in 80s kids/Gen-Xers, give me a break.)  Greek
was on, as well as The Secret
Life of the American Teenager
, and OF COURSE the premier of 90210!  None of them are fabulous, as far as
acting/storylines/consistency goes, but they can be satisfying.  90210 was no exception but I think I have to continue
watching it, juuuust to see how it goes. 
Besides, it has that girl from Degrassi who was the uber-Christian
chick and wore a chastity ring and then, you know, she started posting sexy
pics of herself online for money until she got stalked and then she repented
and then she started dating a “bad boy” and was considering having sex (bad
Christian!) but instead got roofie raped at a party.  And her Friendship Club was so mean about it.  You know, her.

Hi, my name is the weirdgirl and I’m addicted to teen

(Except not shows like The OC or Gossip Girl because those are SO

Speaking of realism, the upcoming presidential race might be
even more historic than we all thought.  Not only do we have a woman and an
African-American nominated (although… am I the only one who kind of thinks that
Condoleezza Rice has been our unofficial VP since before Cheney’s hunting accident?) but we might actually see those
candidates living real life!  With teen
pregnancy and issues from being of mixed ancestry!  Wouldn’t that be refreshing?  Because you know the rest of us live in a
world where shit happens and you deal with it, without spin or polish or image
specialists in technicolor.  And in the
end, life turns out to be just life.  There’s
no doubt that this race is shaking things up in this country.  Maybe it’ll shake a few heads out of some
butts, too.  I’m sure they’ll feel

Then again this is the opinion of someone from the “angry
left”.  And I AM angry, a deep burning
anger, because apparently those Republicans have been having SEX and making
stupid decisions while drunk and occasionally being extremist!  Which is probably why they are so flipping happy!  Damn you!  I want drunken, extremist sex, too!

Oh wait, I’m married to a Republican.

Honey, you better start sharing the tequila.  (But not until after 90210 is over.)

               – the