Soooooo… my period is late and yet all the pregnancy tests I’ve taken say negative.  For a while there I kind of felt some really early pregnancy symptoms but then right around the time the egg is supposed to embed the symptoms stopped, so I figured "OK, that one probably didn’t take".  Then I started to feel like my period was about to start… except it didn’t.  And I, despite being hyperthyroid, am clockwork girl when it comes to periods.  A friend told me to "wait a week" but I’ve very rarely ever had to wait so… I’m not good with the waiting.  If anything my periods seem to be getting gradually shorter (27-25 days) as my eggs wear out.  So, of course, I google a few queries… all of which made me feel like shit, because they all had something to do with "failing pregnancies".  I actually didn’t feel too stressed before I  did the googling.

Now, I’m starting to really feel stressed out.  (Which, I know, doesn’t help.)

Here are my questions for you:

Does anyone have experience with this?

If the egg fertilizes but doesn’t embed will it delay my period?  You’d think that somewhere, somehow, there’d be some sort of answer to that question but I couldn’t find it. 

What can I do to relax here? 

Please someone, make me laugh.  Thanks.        – wg