Ranch dip/dressing tastes good on everything. It just does. You should try it.  Sandwiches, enchiladas, sourdough bread (instead of chips), with most deep-fried items.  I also like chili on a number of things, but have yet to try ranch dip with chili.  However, I have tried ranch-flavored chips with chili and they are damn tasty.  I especially like chili-cheese dogs with a big honkin’ chocolate milkshake.  I figure if I try hard enough I should be able to insert ranch dip in there someplace, right?

Wait a minute,  I just had a thought (it happens sometimes).  I have had chili on chicken enchiladas and THAT was damn good.  So it would be only natural to also add ranch dip on top of the chili-cheese chicken enchiladas.  Oh, I’m on to something! 

It’s probably a little too soon to introduce the wonders of ranch dip (and chili) to my son considering that he is only on level 2 baby foods, but I’m counting the days.         – wg