“Bom bom BOM! Ba
ba Bom BOM! Bom bom bom… ba bom.”

My son humming the opening notes to “Smoke on the Water”. As he builds with his blocks, as he plays his
cars, as he takes his bath. I don’t even
remember which commercial or house ad it plays in I just know that I always see
that commercial during Adult Swim. Now before you all shout, “You’re letting him
stay up how late?” and, “What? You’re
letting him watch Adult Swim?! I don’t even watch that crap!” and decry
my horrible parenting skills… just so you know we have 1) an east coast feed
into our little west coast house so Adult Swim starts way early, and 2) we
really only let him watch Futurama

The little guy loves Futurama. 

It’s kind of become part of his bedtime routine… last glass
of milk, some bedtime stories, and a little Futurama. If they switch the schedule around so it’s on
too late we just tivo him a show or two. He loves the theme song, he knows all the characters… Fry, Leela,
Bender. Bender is a particular favorite.
 Robots are always cool with
toddlers. And Bender is extra cool, what with his devil may care
attitude, his lack of social niceties, his flippant “bite my shiny metal ass”…  

…wait, the biting!

Oh, crap. 

(Damn these parental epiphanies. Though on an up note, it’s been a week and
counting with NO biting! Yay!)

Chance is also a big fan of “Maggie May”. Should I start worrying?

 – the