ME:  What’s with American media and ducks?

KEEN:  What?

ME:  They all have speech impediments.   

KEEN:   Um…

ME:  Donald has a speech impediment.  Daffy has a speech impediment.  Do you think there’s  a reason our culture has a deep-seated hatred of fowl?

KEEN:  I think you’re reading a little too much into cartoons again.

ME:  Hey, you never know, maybe some early president was attacked by a bird or something.  Maybe there’s an unconscious prejudice coloring the entertainment industry.

KEEN:  So… what brought this up?Wonder_pets

ME:  Oh, there’s a new kid show on called Wonder Pets. You know, the one I had on the other day?

KEEN:  Oh, yeah, yeah.  With the celery.

ME:  Um… O-Kay.  Anyway, the little baby duck ALSO has a speech impediment.  Ming Ming can’t say his Rs.  At least, I think he’s a boy.  Anyway, he always says, ‘This is sewious!’… [pause] …It’s really frickin’ cute, actually.

KEEN:   Uh-huh.

ME:  So, do we just automatically make all ducks sound funny?

KEEN:  I don’t know, babe.

ME:  Can you think of any other ducks with speech problems?

KEEN:  Hmmm

ME:  There’s Howard the Duck. You know that movie?  He was just scary.

KEEN:  There’s the Aflac duck.

ME:  Oh, good one!  Yeah, I think he definitely has Tourettes.  Who else?

KEEN:  There’s… Disco Duck!Daffy_duck

ME:  Who’s that?

KEEN:  It’s not a who, it’s a song.  A disco song.  You know, Disco Duck.

ME:  It is?  I’ve… never heard of Disco Duck.

KEEN:  You’ve never heard the song Disco Duck?!

ME:  Um…

KEEN:  How could you not have heard Disco Duck?

ME:  Well, you know, because of my mom… disco was banned from our house.

KEEN:  Really?!  But you’re mom’s a musician…

ME:  So?  She still hates disco.  Why do you think I didn’t know any of the songs when disco came back?

At this point the conversation went downhill until we started singing Macho Man.  So help a girl out… any other speech impeded ducks out there?       

                – the weirdgirl