So I took a mental health day yesterday but it ended up not being very healthful.  Perhaps because of the copious amounts of easter candy consumed.  (P.S. I've been reading too many Victorian steampunk novels as of late so I do apologize if I slip into overly formal and antiquated turns of phrase as a means of expression. P.P.S. How do you do?)  Anywho, Tuesday I chaperoned a field trip and then trotted off that evening to a movie screening and I woke up Wednesday morning tired and with my foot completely cramped up.  WTH?  It was on a farm so I jolly well wore flats!  (The fieldtrip not the movie screening.)  Currently, I am making four (FOUR!) back and forth trips to school a day, what with Chance coming home for lunch and all, and yesterday I just didn't feel up to it.  There, I said it.  Some days I am not up to the mommying!  

Sue me, Victorian bitches.

But the worst aspect of the foot/fatigue is that I'm unable to wear heels for a few days.  I mean, really!  That's just cruel!  Right when it's almost warm enough to wear all these flirty spring shoes, too.  I love it when my shoes flirt.  They're just so much better at it than I am.  Such as these…

Shoes 1440511-p-DETAILED

Can't you just see that peach winking across the room?!  Giving a sly nod or coquettish grin?  I KNOW!  But alas, I cannot wink with my feet or perform any other tootsie indiscretions because they are inconveniently indisposed at the moment.  Despite my conscientious health day! 

Terribly rude of them, if I do say so.                    – wg