So we just got a bunch of rooms painted in our house!  And I've had way too much caffeine already.  I'm utterly tired and totally excited.  I'm now officially two or more days behind on work, and I've had very limited access to my computer.  Seriously, I noticed there was a huge spike in visitors on Monday and I have no idea why.  A major celebrity could have died online, while tweeting about the weird growth on his foot, (said celebrity having been mentioned at some point on this blog, (like Sanjaya and his panties) thus accounting for the spike) and I wouldn't have known.  Like, disconnected, that's what I've been.  And you know what?  I don't even care.

Because I am high on color!

Check this shit out.

Our bedroom, previously a very, very light green.  That had faded.


Now. (I've got to up our decor now to keep up with these fabulous walls.)


Our living room.  This and the dining room both were the same cream with the white wainscoting (also the sun room, which is off the living room but we didn't paint it).  In fact, the majority of the house was basically white or very pale colors, like the one bathroom that is light mauve. Do you know what goes with mauve?  Mauve, that's what.  (Oh, and that bathroom also has light green carpet. Yeah.)


Originally we loved the beige, because our last house was darker and this had lovely light and we were totally celebrating the airy.  But, at our core, Keen and I are color people and eventually we had to go back.  So we went with… turquoise!  That's right, turquoise bitches!  


(I think our painter was a bit appalled.  I mean, the owner, not the
two Hispanic guys who did the actual painting.  Those guys were feeling
it.  It's a Latino thing.)


Then our dining room was painted a brassy/mustardy/tan.  (It's less yellow, more tan in real life than is this photo.)


Finally, we had wall paper removed from the kitchen.  This house had been remodeled probably about 15-20 years ago, in the late 80s or early 90s.  Structurally, they did a lovely job, but all the fixtures are 80s brass, ditto the color palettes. That there wallpaper is some country kitchen, "colonial" blue shit with little mauve flowers.  (Again with the mauve!)

(Not that I didn't go through my own country kitchen period.  I mean, those are peppers hanging above the sink.  Country kitchen can look very nice… but I'm over it now.)


Voila!  (And I was afraid the blues would be too similar.)


Next step, start replacing all that brass.

What do you think?  If you hate it feel free to say so.  My MIL is going to hate every single thing we've done.  Her favorite
color for walls is… white.  Everything else looks "dark" to her.  And
since she's also rather indifferent to tact we're totally going to hear about
it.  Probably with a "why did you ruin your house?" sort of comment.

Because I love it!  LOVE!!

         – the weirdgirl