The problem I have with maintaining a blog (and this isn't something that can be helped because it is part of life) is that there are long periods where nothing happens and then everything happens all at once.  My brain gets jumbled when everything happens at once and I flub around trying to get all the words down, trying to cover everything with the proper amount of gravitas each element is due. Which is, of course, impossible because this is LIFE so something tragic happened, and something silly happened, and something good happened, and something ridiculous and infuriating and hilarious all occurred within the same span of time and if I really wanted to capture all of it I'd have to be sitting typing blog entries all day. Then there's another long period of nothing going on.  (Which is undoubtedly why the term "blog fodder" came into existence.)

It's funny though, all my anxiety lives in the in-betweens and not the durings.  You'd think the in-betweens would be the relaxing portion.

Keen's grandfather just recently passed away.  Keen's grandfather who was a character, whom Keen was close to; it's been very hard on him and the family.  It shouldn't have been but it was unexpected.  Grandfather was 96 years old and he was healthy and we took his health for granted.  That's on us. But he was very much loved and will be missed.

Very shortly before that, I finished my first book.  It's a kid's chapter book so it's not as long as an adult novel but it's a start.  I'll talk more about that later.  

It was high time for me to unjumble my brain and get back here.  Emails have been trickling in, checking up on me, which I truly appreciate.  Thank you guys.

                                 – the weirdgirl