So this last week was national delurker week and I didn’t post anything about it because so many other blogs did so I figured everyone knew, but I did want to acknowledge the new people who came out of the closet and commented for the first time. Thank you all!  You know, deep down I’m really all about the interaction (probably why I’m always blathering on other peoples’ sites (though I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with all the good reading out there)) so I really like it when I hear from new visitors. 

Continuing (although late – look I’m a mom, I’ve got limited time OK?) the delurking tradition and also some of the theme from yesterday’s flailing boob issue I’ve decided to start an actual list of ALL THE THINGS THEY DON’T TELL YOU IN LAMAZE.  And I invite all and any of you to add the things you learned later that no one warned you about or the things you didn’t expect or are just generally irksome, disturbing, or strange about the great parenthood* adventure.  Commentary, category suggestions and humor are encouraged.  I will make this a continuing list and I will give credit and a link back to anyone who participates.  It will be a giant Venting List and Words of Warning!  If we get enough I’ll put up it’s own page, otherwise I will periodically re-post the list.  So here’s a start.


Flailing Boob Syndrome – the occurrence of extra boob movement on particular days (I STILL don’t get why this happens!)

Headlights – as Mary mentioned, no one told me that the headlights might become a permanent fixture after kids; especially different direction headlights (contributed by Mary at DayCareDaze – you all should read her comment on the post below)


Stretch Marks on the Boobages – this one just never occurred to me… but let me tell you it’s not very attractive!  And I think any extra stretch marks ANYWHERE are just sort of unfair.

(*And not that I’m forgetting my non-parent peeps – if you folks have any heard any weird things you’d like to pass on or even general THINGS THEY DON’T TELL YOU I want to hear those too.) 

I also wanted to mention a new parenting site that is dedicated to “practical parenting wisdom”, Parent Hacks.  I’m really excited about this site because sometimes I’ve just wanted to look up advice or tips without either paying for the privilege or digging through bulletin boards to find what I need and some of the other officially sanctioned parenting websites just haven’t done the trick.  Thanks Chag for first announcing this new site!        – the weirdgirl