I sort of forgot the Internet there for a few days.  Not intentionally either, I just literally
forgot.  Forgot to answer emails, forgot
to post, forgot to read.  I was on
Twitter Thursday night and the next thing I know it’s Sunday. 

The world has been very distracting lately.  With floods
and hurricanes
and politicians,
oh my!  (Except the first two really are
OH MY! and I’m sending out prayers for safety. 
The third is just Toto taking a dump.) 

I’ve been cruising through job ads again (OK, maybe I wasn’t
totally offline but I was doing a lot of intensive research, you know, on jobs
and SPD and breadmakers and I forgot this
of the Internet) and, as many of you know, I work primarily in Marketing.
 Da da duh!  (hiss! boo! hack!)  I know this is indicative of my job field in
general, but you wouldn’t believe the number of job listings where the marketing
copy is semantically blowing smoke up the ass of grammar!  Seriously.  There is a new Inquisition about and Strunk
and White is writhing on the rack.  And
this is the part I don’t get… there are so
many of us
marketers with a liberal arts background!  How the heck do we stand it?  I can’t be the only one that this bugs. 

(Disclaimer:  Any
grammatically errors on this blog don’t count as it is a blog and it is, in the particular case of said blog, the equivalent
of listening to me talk.  AND despite the
fact that those poopyhead Internet “reading level” analyzers keep saying that
my blog writing is at the 4th grade level I would like to assure you
all that I AM, in fact, quite educated. Thank you.)

(says the girl looking for work)

Wait, I guess I’m not a “girl” anymore.

What was I talking about? 
           – wg