…but I saw The Police in concert last night and you know
what?!  It was SWEET!!  With Elvis Costello opening no less.  Yep, him and Sting sang “Allison” together.  Swww-eeeeet! 
Oh, and apparently I’ve turned into one of those band geeks who stares
at the drummer for the entire show (or whatever the 37-year-old
of that would be).  Stewart Copelanddude!  

Aren’t I incredibly eloquent?

Flogging Molly
and Ludo are also playing a free local show this week.  One of those music in the park deals.  The show is early enough that I’m planning on
taking Chance, along with my good
.   I love taking Chance to rock shows.  He loves music and I always get a kick out of
his reaction.  It’s just a matter of
keeping up with him on foot.  (He’s always
trying to rush the stage.)

Anyway, that show is Thursday night so even though I’m
excited about BlogHer, there’s a lot of cool stuff this week. 

Speaking of chick stuff, I must be walking around barefoot
or in open-backed shoes a little too much lately ‘cause, I’m not sure why, but
the shoes I put on to attend The Police concert totally ripped open blisters on
the back of my feet.  I was all bloody!  Didn’t notice anything except for a twinge
(now that’s a mark of a woman who’s gone through labor, eh?) but I looked down
and there were my feet bleeding.  (Still
totally danced and hiked the miles-long parking lot, though.)   So, contrary to the button at your right,
this might mean that I may not be
rocking BlogHer in cute shoes! 
(Gasp!  Horror!)  If I do wear cute shoes I’ll probably be
sporting some Cars bandaids, as well.  Stylish.

I might need to do some creative color-coordinating for that

           – wg