I keep seeing elf references everywhere.  In homes, on mantels.  (You know what? Apparently, I can't spell mantel. I just had to go look it up.)  Dancing electronically.  I think I'm missing some huge elven back story here.  Like that Elf on the Shelf.  About the 100th time we saw that bub on the Hub, Chance turns to me and says,

"That is the worst cartoon ever!"

Me, perplexed: "I think it's supposed to be a commercial. See, there's a website?"

Chance: "WORST EVER!"

And then I see references on blogs about "Our elf is missing!  He's off to Santa!"  What?  Soooooo… these elves are hanging out spying on us?  Like, behavior narcs?  Is that the deal with the elves? 

Because that is just creepy.  Do their eyes follow you around the room?  *shudder*  I'd much prefer my elves remanded to the North Pole sweat shop, thanks.  

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