I think Awkward. is my new favorite teen show.  You know I'm addicted to shows way below my age demographic.  I haven't even watched MTV in years, but suddenly I'm hooked on Teen Wolf (which, omg, how could I NOT check that show out?! At least once. I am an 80s kid) and Awkward.  Especially because Awkward. is fucking hilarious.  It's quickly reaching My So Called Life status but, you know, funnier.  I could tell I was hooked when I would tape the show (wait, no one says "tape" anymore, do they? Record) and then keep watching it over and over again. Not all in one sitting. What am I, deranged? No, instead of erasing it immediately like all my other shows I keep it around and then watch it again when I feel like laughing.  I hope it's not going to be one of those short season shows.  I feel like it deserves more than a cheapsky eight episodes, you know?  Why I do I suddenly feel like I'm babbling uncontrollably at the boy I like at the kegger I snuck out of the house for?

Deep breaths.  Anyway, because we were traveling and busy over the summer I ended up with this huge backlog of taped recorded television. I mean, seriously, it was a little scary.  Which kind of helped clarify that 1) there are shows I've totally lost interest in (I'm so over you Secret Life of the American Teenager) and 2) I'm watching way too many shows.  However, I don't think this is entirely my fault.  See, when the networks decide to test the waters by making that 8 or 12 episode season and they suck me in I'm fully expecting other short seasons in the future.  They're kind of refreshing, like a little TV aperitif.  But when they blow up into a full meal, especially one crammed over the short summer season, it's kind of like when you get dragged to your Aunt Mabel's house on Thanksgiving "just to drop in"and you end up having second dinner.

That's TV weight gain, my friend.  TV weight gain.