Chance has had a rough time at school this week.  This year in general has gone a lot better than last year, but this week he started throwing tantrums at school again and his handsy behavior has ramped way up.  I've also noticed a general cockiness has suddenly surfaced.  He is quite imperious about issuing demands. (What?)  It's hard to tell how much he is pushing boundaries, how much he can't control because of sensory/impulse issues, or how much might be medication or OT treatment related (he just started some Primitive Reflex Integration treatment). That's one of the problems with kids who are non-neuro-typical… because the brain has to grow and adapt, any type of stimulus can set off behavior problems – even good stimulus, like a new OT treatment that stimulates nueral growth or learning something new, even if they love it.  I remember when I first started taking drum lessons… music was a completely new skill for me and for a while I lost my easy recall for words. I could feel my brain changing and when it got used to these new skills I was learning, my word recall popped back.  I suspect something like that is going on with Chance.

Except for the cockiness. I think that's just being a twirpy 6 1/2-year-old.  Oh, he's also being very cavalier about this concept called "rules".  Ahem.

Anyway, Chance is hugely into Pokemon right now.  He'll actually do chores, quickly and efficiently, without whining, to earn money to buy Pokemon cards!  (Two steps forward, one step back, right?)  Since I think part of his behavior is something he can't control and the other part is completely willful, I suggested that maybe we should take away a Pokemon card for every time he stomps his feet or invades the personal space of another kid at school. The teacher could keep count and let me know at the end of the day how many infractions there were.

He looked alarmed. Oh yeah, did I also mention my son glossing over incidents at school?

So we have a field trip tomorrow and I'm chaperoning. I will get to witness his behavior first hand!  And we're taking the fricking public bus system.  Insight on a bus.  Joy.