I’m sure some of you have noticed my spotty posting lately,
and even worse, I am terribly behind
in blog reading, too. And it may continue for just a while longer, however, I
hope you all will forgive me when I tell you…


I didn’t want to post anything until we had the signed
contract in our hands. This house is
actually the one that Keen and I really, really liked that came on the market a
week before Chance’s birthday. And well…
we bid, counter bid, counter bid again (the selling agent seemed bent on
inciting an emotional bidding war), another party swooped in (there were three
of us bidding at that point), and the agent came back to us for a FOURTH
counter bid… and that’s when we bowed out. Frankly, I was crushed (in that way where you try to front with a,
“whatever, there’ll be other houses” but you’re still sniffling) but at the
same time you can only pay so much
for a house. No matter how perfect a
house seems (and really, it felt like home) you still can’t get stupid about
the money.

And then the agent called us back! That last swooping bid? The buyer backed out (or couldn’t get the
financing, who knows?). And since our
agent had wisely kept everything nice-like with the (greedy) selling agent, plus
suggested strongly how WE could close the deal (which we could) she called us
back and offered us the house.

It’s perfect… plenty of room, three bedrooms, 2 baths, with
a couple of extra rooms to spare, on a beautiful street in the neighborhood we
wanted! It’s a gorgeous Craftsman (and
we wanted an older home) with all the built-ins and original wood, a sunroom,
and lots and lots of windows. 

I love it so much I’m still afraid it will disappear. – wg