I got woken up at 4:30 this morning.  (Thanks son.)

I am flying solo until Keen comes home from his business trip.

I totally need a facial.  (This is unrelated to the above two statements.)

I thought Chance might have chickenpox despite his vaccination against it.  (The word "vaccination" always makes me think of pets.  Note to self: start saying "immunization".)  Instead, after yet another day home from school and a trip to the doctor, he had a chickenpox-looking viral rash.  Woot! 

I am totally planning on voting early.  None of you really need to know that, I'm just excited.  The excitement comes from both this election and the efficiency of early voting.  Efficacy of process just gets me a little hot.  What?

I have been totally revved up over politics this election, yet I kind of resent that they are distracting me from Halloween.  Because I love Halloween!  SO… this week will be devoted to HORROR!  Bwa ha ha!  (Warning: horror may include politics.)

And so I leave you with this…

Can you spot the Chupacabra?


I didn't think so.           – wg