This week I had not just one but TWO opportunities to score last minute Blogher tickets… both times for Saturday, the day I couldn’t go.  What am I doing on Saturday in lieu of going to Blogher (or, also, in lieu of the really nice pedicure/baby shower to which I was invited)?  I am attending the Family Cribbage Tournament (capitalized, so you know it’s important)!  Since last year, I have again forgotten how to play cribbage, so the chances that I’ve improved are pretty slim.  On Sunday Keen and I are going to the NHRA drag races. You know… top fuel, motorcycles, etc.  Yeah, I know.  My social calendar seems pretty strange to me, too.  Because cribbage to drag racing is SO intuitive. 

(I do like the bracket racing with the classic cars, though.  Classic cars rock!)

Anyhoo, I hope everyone at Blogher is having fun.  I didn’t really have babysitting set up for the kiddo anyway.  If I had scored tickets for the right day, I’d thought about just rolling up to the door with him in the stroller.  I mean, are they really going to demand a ticket for a baby?  If they tried blocking our entrance I figured I could yell “discrimination against mommy bloggers” and just rouse up a whole protest right there in the lobby.  (See, you got to plan for these things ahead of time. Cover every contingency.)  But then my friend pointed out that that is a really good way to get banned from future conferences.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get tickets.

So there are new updates (finally!) to the Things They Don’t Tell You in Lamaze list.  I’ve also added some cool new folks to my blogroll (I’m such a slacker about updating it), so check ‘em out.  (Still working on that Top 100 Albums thing, though.)   

How did July go by so fast?            – the weirdgirl