Because not only MIM but another parent recently mentioned
taking pictures of their child’s poop and because
I have a perverse curiosity about the lengths of everyone else’s perverse
curiosity and because, you know,
it’s the web and the search engines are right
because of all that I found this site.
for poop lovers

Now I don’t really want
to look at poop, or pictures thereof, beyond more than the cursory glance I use
to inspect my own toilet bowl gifts or the occasional spectacular diaper
blowout from Chance, but I must say I found this site highly amusing. On the home page Sancho provides a “Work Poop
Survival Guide” with useful definitions of important scatological terms such as
“crop dusting” and “turd burglar”. There
is also a “Featured Poop” page, along with archives of other featured
poops. Luckily, the pictures of the
actual poops are always “below the fold” of the page. However, after reading Mr. Poop’s hilarious
commentary and the bio of the poop submitters… I admit it, I usually have to

Not that I’ll be tempted to venture into photo essays of
poop anytime soon. Though you never
know, maybe when I start potty training Chance I’ll be moved to take pictures
of his poop, too. (That seems to happen.)

In any case, enjoy! Sancho
welcomes you.

 – the