So as I was perusing through ecards, and graphics, and other
post-able items appropriate to Mother’s Day (last minute, of course, because I
didn’t prep effectively (this last week sort of got away from me)) it occurred
to me that what most moms really need are some cards for the rest of the year,
with themes a little closer to what we’re going through everyday. Something that could give us moms a little
pick-me-up in the down moments. Here are
a few suggestions for the retail card industry…

For the new mom:


For those moms going through the “terrible twos” (or “fours”,
or “sixteens”, whatever):


Comes with an optional gift card:


 And let’s not forget the dads:


And just because I really like this song, I thought I’d
share it with you. Enjoy and Happy
Mother’s Day, everyone! –