Because it sounds like there are more than one set of you
going through the same thing here’s the scoop about me getting preggo. (If there are no objections I’ll probably
keep blogging about my progress. If there are objections… um… well, email me
with your compelling arguments.) When last I
bitched and moaned discussed
this I was just about to visit my OB-GYN.

First off, I have to say my OB-GYN was great! I had been worried that since I hadn’t gotten
to the point of a positive pregnancy test my experience and suspicions would be
brushed off, but it wasn’t like that at all. He totally agreed that we needed to start testing options because of
my…ahem… “advanced age”. (Actually, he
was trying to be very delicate about it… until I blurted out “Yeah, dude, I’m
OLD!” There’s just no sense in pussy
footing around. (ha ha!)) So if anyone else has been experiencing what
I have, have been trying for a while, has some age issues (no offense), etc.
I’d say go visit your OB.  (And if they’re jerky, switch to someone

So far this is the plan.

A little over a week ago I got a hysterosalpingogram
(HSG) which is where they shoot dye up your wazoo to look for blockages and such. It was all rather hurried because I didn’t
get in to see my OB until Thursday afternoon
and he basically got me squeezed in for an HSG by the next morning. It’s all about getting it done right after
your period and before you ovulate (and I ovulate a little early, so the
rush). Since I had had a c-section I
could have had scar tissue blocking my fallopian tubes, or polyps may have formed,
etc. Luckily, I learned I have no
blockages! Yay! This procedure also has the benefit of
increasing your chances of conceiving by 10% for your next cycle…because it’s
pretty much like power-washing your uterus. AND adds what the attending doc so technically referred to as
“lube”.  I was a little sore but it was more from the
cramping that came after and not so much from the procedure itself (and really,
compared to labor it was nothing).  If
any of you get this done just have gentle nookie after.

Next up, Keen has to get all friendly-like with a cup
(sorry, dude), and if I don’t conceive I take a blood test on the third day of
my next period to test hormone levels. It’s all very precise and choreographed. (You know how, when you’re waiting to take a preg test, or even an
ovulation test, it’s seems like you have to wait forever? Well, when you
start doing fertility testing you realize you’ve got very short windows in which to
operate. It does make the month go by
quicker, though.) After those tests, we
may move on to Clomid and/or the turkey baster method (intrauterine insemination, or

My OB-GYN was also ecstatic that I had been charting my
cycle. Apparently, almost everyone else on the planet
doesn’t do this (?!). I don’t know. I just know I’m anal (ha! maybe that’s the problem!) and I had the length of
my cycles, days I ovulated, afternoon delights, all written down. How else would I have figured out I ovulated

So that’s it to date. Hope this is helpful and not just more TMI. (Though I hope you guys noticed I refrained from talking about mucus
this time. ‘Cause I’m all considerate of
your delicate feelings like that.)

This service announcement brought to you by the makers of
K-Y Jelly.

On another note, Chance has been making progress
as well! His aggression is getting
better, especially at school and even though he’s still at the stage where he
delights in pushing my buttons I feel like we’re improving all around. Yay!

the weirdgirl