What the heck is that thing?


You mean we have to eat that?


That’s disgusting!!


Actually, it was extremely yummy.  (Mmmm… brine.)  If there’s one thing my man can do it’s cook a frickin’ feast.  Thanks babe! 

(Thank god, you can cook, ‘cause I sure as hell can’t.)         – wg

Footnote to Thanksgiving – The game “Who Is the Favorite Grandparent” is only truly a competitive sport if and when more than one grandparent is playing.  According to Olympic committee guidelines, if other grandparents within the arena are serenely visiting with family members and/or swapping senior cruise stories then the first grandparent’s extreme athletic display is considered only commandeering of the grandchild and the performance ceases to hold competitive status.  We’re sorry, no medals will be awarded at this time, however points for irritating the parents of the grandchild will be attributed to your overall national scores.