I have been overwhelmed
the last few days. Lots of work projects
came rolling in the last two weeks, and I had already started a few personal
projects (with deadlines) in what had been the slow period previous to
that. Unfortunately, this has meant a
slow down in my posts, especially the commenter-inspired ones. But I will be getting back to those soon
because they are a whole lot of fun; they’ll probably just be sprinkled
throughout the regular posts. (Though I
am having a bit of trouble with the
“real women of genius” one (sorry Fuzz); I think it’s because I have been so
busy all I can think of in terms of “genius” and “women” would be the robot
slaves that would clean the entire house for me, not
just the floors
. That would be

Some of the personal projects have been Halloween oriented,
such as making Chance’s costume… (He’s a robot.) 


We had a Halloween function at a pumpkin
patch this morning that I was trying to get his costume ready for in time.   


Yes, that is Tupperware on his head. People actually asked me if the hat "came" with the costume when I ordered it.  Does anyone besides me remember when almost ALL costumes were cobbled together from stuff you found around the house? 


And I‘ve been planning out decorations for
Halloween night. I’ve got this big
picture window now in the front of our house, plus half a porch. I’m thinking a scene in the sunroom with a
skeleton (though not too scary) with a graveyard fronting that picture window
on the front lawn. Then on the other side of the lawn, (fronting the porch),
doing a pumpkin patch kind of scene with scarecrows and whatnot. This way it covers both Keen and my
sensibilities… I like the spookier elements of Halloween and Keen likes more of
the cute stuff. I’d go all out scary
except I don’t want to traumatize my kid and I figure Chance will be plenty into
the blood and gore aspect as he gets older – no need to push it now. We’ll top everything off with cheery string
lights and a dry ice fog.

Yes, I am a Halloween nerd.

The Halloween decorations shouldn’t be all that high of a
priority on my unending list of ToDos, except that they start pulling Halloween
stuff off the shelves about this time of the month… to make way for all the
Christmas decorations! Halfway through
October and we’re coming out of ears in Christmas crap already!

Oh yeah, I also just started drum lessons this week. Because life is short, baby, and I’m a
housewife! Or rather, I would be more of a housewife if all this work
wasn’t coming in. (Damn you, people!
Trying to pay me!)

It’s my own fault but I still feel overwhelmed. When slow periods go on too long I get bored
and add on new projects. And then I feel
too committed to drop them when it gets busy again. (SO type A!) AND I also sometimes put off the things I should be really working on (like writing) and then I put even more pressure
on myself to get everything done.

Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly living three months
ahead… without ever getting to the end result that I want to happen within
three months.

I DO feel really excited about how Halloween is coming,
though. Just a bit of fun amidst the bustle.
(I’m dressing up. How about you?) 

– the weirdgirl