Ha HA! It IS only a stomach virus! And I’m already feeling much better.

Please forgive my earlier panic attack. It’s just when I suddenly feel nauseas, gassy, have a runny nose and extreme fatigue, I am reminded of pregnancy. You know the pregnancy books that list “some of the common complaints” of being pregnant? I managed to have almost all of the assorted symptoms. It was so ridiculous I could have been the subject of a Voltaire novel. (I did skip getting hemorrhoids or varicose veins, for which I am eternally grateful.) Though I love my son dearly and yes, it’s worth it, pregnancy is just not an experience I feel like repeating any time soon.

Plus, I’ve only had my son for 6 months now and I’d really like to enjoy some more time just with him. Selfish mommy.

So with that I’d like to share the first video of my boy scooching along the floor. Hope you enjoy.   Download MOV00579.MPG             – wg