I did it! I managed to implement my own domain name and map it to this blog!  I am inordinately proud of myself, because the instructions were fucking confusing.  You wouldn't think there'd need to be so many steps involved.  I think there were redundancies built in, to be on the technological safe side, but still confusing.  And I say this from the perspective of someone who has had to write help desk/software release instructions many times.  So if I am confused – one so used to deciphering the gobbly-gook speak of engineers (no offense, I love you guys) – then it IS confusing!  Sometimes "dumbing down", from a consumer perspective, is a good thing.

The word of the day is, say it with me… CLARITY.

Damnit, I wish someone would pay me for being snotty. I'm so damn good at it.

On that thought, I already work as a freelance writer but maybe I should extend my marketing and business writing services to include instruction rewrites.  I could be available to reorder IKEA building instructions so they make sense, or reinterpret help pages with screen shots that are too old, or even just to commiserate with you on the phone that, "Yes, these instructions DO suck! It's not you at all!"  I promise my rates will be reasonable.

For those of you who would like to update your blogroll, my new and improved URL is www.theweirdgirl.com.  Da da da DUN!                     – wg