Tonight the wg household had its first load of laundry with
a crayon in it. A purple crayon. DARK purple. (Like maybe Royal Purple
or Eggplant
.) And no small chunk
either. I don’t know which pocket this
thing was hidden in, or how big it was but the damage was pretty severe. Voila.


I remember this happening once when I was kid… a green
crayon got in a load of my clothes, but it was a small piece of crayon, with
only little tiny spots of green scattered throughout the clothes. And I was just
nerdy enough to not care and wear them anyway. Along with my Kmart track shoes. (I was like a little 90s hipster in the late 70s/early 80s, with some
clueless geek thrown in to boot. (SO
ahead of my time!)  Yes, the other kids
made fun of me.)

As well as the above (representative of most of the clothes)
there was also a grey sweatshirt of Chance’s that came out… well…
lavender. Things I’ve learned:

1. Fleece blanket
sleepers (you know, the one item you don’t care whether it looks funky or not)
seem to repel melted crayon. Good to

2. Expensive pairs of
jeans (such as the ones I washed with Chance’s jeans (what? Dreft is great for maintaining fabric!)
also seem to repel a certain amount of crayon. Very, very good to know. Though now I kind of wonder if they were
sprayed with something potentially toxic. Like, say, from China or something.

3. No matter how much
you scrub a dryer tub – way deep inside a dryer tub, breathing in what must be
lovely fumes of Goo Gone and heated baby
wipes – sometimes that crayon is just baked on. Our dryer is now purple.

4. If you follow the
instructions (or very close) that you find on the Internet you actually will get the crayon off your
clothes! Thank you, Internet, I love
you! (Though… it was a load of darks,
see, and you had to wash them on hot to get out the crayon – I never wash my
clothes in hot – and some of the shirts that had white trim, such as sleeves,
now… are all light blue.  But at least it’s not purple splotches!)

I guess this means I now check all of Chance’s pockets. And I thought that stage didn’t start quite
yet. Damn it, I’m naïve.

     – the