We have been doing OT and speech therapy with Chance for three weeks now.  I'm also on the second week of a specialized brushing and joint compression technique that reduces sensory overload in SPD kids.  This technique is calming because it helps kids with sensory processing issues organize sensory input better.  In Chance's case, the brushing and joint compression wouldn't necessarily help with some of his motor-planning issues (but his therapists have been awesome!) but it does help with the hyper-awareness of sound and provides some of the deep sensations he craves (i.e. previously known as crashing into everyone and thing). 

What's really exciting is that I already see a difference!  Chance seems calmer and more focused.  The meltdowns have dramatically reduced: his last biting incident was last week and that followed a week long gap (which is a huge improvement compared to his peak biting period)!  He's still incredibly active but that's just the way he is – and no big surprise either, coming from a completely hyper, sometimes bonkers family.

I was basically feeling like a pushy, stubborn bitch when I went ahead for the OT/speech screening despite all the recommendations to "wait it out", but I am SO glad I did.  (Yay for bitches!)  Between now knowing what his triggers are, the combined therapy, and the brushing technique I see an improvement that I don't think would have happened for months (if at all) if I had waited.  Best of all, I feel like I finally know what to do and none of this changes his overall personality, it's just changing how he deals with things.  We still have a ways to go but I'm really, really pleased.  And Chance seems to truly enjoy therapy.  

On another note, having Chance home full-time with no breaks (for either of us) is exhausting!  As part of his therapy I'm trying to work in more structured activities at certain times, which in turn pushes out time for housework, shopping, computer work, etc.  My day is not ending until around 10:00 each night and then I collapse in front of tivo'd programming (because I CAN'T fall asleep right after coming back from Target that late).  Chance also seriously misses school so he wants to play with Mommy 24/7

Those 4 hours, 3 days a week sound like heaven right now.

                – the weirdgirl