You know I’ve actually had time to post this week and I’ve slacked.  I even had some halfway-to-nowhere witticisms knocking around in my brain but I still slacked.  (But then again, me & the kiddo both have colds; give me a break.)  Now we are embarking on our big moving push tomorrow so things will not only be quiet around here because I am a slacker but because of technical transitions. 

Thank you all for the words of advice and encouragement in helping move Chance.  The new house is actually only a mile away so I think that the transition is going to be OK.  We’ve been back and forth a lot with Chance and have already moved a number of his toys over. I think the opportunity to play with his stuff there already will help a lot.  (Crossing my fingers.) 

One of the worst things for me about moving is all that little crap at the end, that stuff you "forget" to pack up, or you "save for later".  What you think will be a couple of laundry baskets of miscellaneous items ends up being five more boxes.  You know, the crap under the sink, all the pictures to take down, the towels and toiletries you used the day of the move; and then after – cleaning the base boards, sweeping up.  At some point you are just done with the moving and that point is usually several hours before you’re actually done.  I predict by about 6:00 tomorrow I will be done.

That final sweep, though necessary, is just a pain in the butt.  And also… a little sad.

(sniff)  I really do love this little house.          – wg