I know I haven't been around much lately but get this… I am almost done with Christmas shopping!  With the trips I did this morning (such as stalking the Goodwill (relax, it was for craft supplies, I'm not really going to give out used undies as per Twitter (that rumor mongering whore))) I'm only a few items from complete shopping freedom. I'm a bit blown away!  I mean, it's only Monday and already this week Is. My. Bitch!  Yeah!

Of course, I don't have any of the cards, crafts, baking, pictures, or anything else done yet.  But I will!  I have vowed to be the conqueror of December!

(Now I'm sure the universe will retaliate.) 

On another monthly note, my NaNoWrMo attempt utterly failed.  I did not write ONE WORD.  I mean, there is today left so I suppose I could write, like the shortest novel ever.  Or maybe one of those made for TV movies where I can claim it was based on a novel before all the copies of the book were burned in a warehouse fire, which really was a shame because it was destined to be a bestseller but unfortunately can never be recovered since the author also befell a tragic fiery death because her ex, you know, was completely controlling and messed with her car brakes when she finally gained the strength to leave him for a writing career after years of mental anguish and being forced to eat cabbage, the ordeal of which her book, now TV movie, was all about.  Or maybe like a FOX sitcom pilot.

Let's see how far this giddy shopping high will take me.

             – wg