Thank you all for your words of confidence and good thoughts while Keen and I were on our first trip away!  We had a wonderful time, everything went well, and Chance was fine… except he was running a pretty good fever when we got back.  I figure he must have picked up something among the onslaught of children at Halloween.  It’s good that we had a nice relaxing time because you never what’s gonna happen with a sick kid.  For the most, I think he’s feeling OK; he got tylenol, then motrin, and a nice cool bath so his fever came down within three hours, and so far, no runny nose or other symptoms (except I could tell he’s feeling yucky).  Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that there are no middle of the night sicky wake-ups.  (Those suck.)

Something else that came to light from this trip… we think grandma’s memory might be going a little.  There were a couple of things she had absolutely forgotten between the previous morning to the time we came back (and I didn’t inundate her with a million notes or anything).  Keen and I had both noticed this tendency in the past year, but we both assumed that she just had been distracted (so easy to do with her only grandchild present) and not really paying attention.  But now I’m pretty sure her recall is starting to go.  I think my dad’s memory is fading as well.  Erg.  I love them but I’m really not looking forward to my future role as caregiver to elderly relations.  Maybe I can sit them all in one room and they can tell the same stories over and over again to each other instead of to me?   

Here’s to hope.           – the weirdgirl