The five stages of gift-giving grief as typified in unnamed older relative (UOR) behavior upon relinquishment of presenter/presentee rights within standard environments.  Median age of subjects is 65.

Denial – “We can’t bring gifts?  I don’t remember you saying not to bring him presents!  You never said that!”

Anger – “But it’s Easter!  You can’t count Easter!  It is my RIGHT as a UOR to buy him toys if I want to! That’s my job!  What do you mean not every holiday needs gifts?!”

Bargaining – “Well, this is just a small thing and it’s not really a toy.  This will be the last one.  I swear.  Nothing until July.  I swear.”

Depression – “They make him so happy… what am I supposed to do now?”

Acceptance – “OK, fine, we’ll put it back in the car before he notices.”

After standing firm with the early morning smackdown, (totally taking it for the team by being the bad guy, I might add,) I’m still left with one question… what the hell is in July? 


(See that face?  That is the face of kid who is happy with gummi's and a couple of matchbox cars.  I'm just saying.)

Happy Easter everyone! 
           – the weirdgirl