Today was Chance's first day of kindergarten!!  Can you hear the elation?  I'm pretty psyched, he's pretty psyched.  I'm pretty sure there will be no tears (unless Keen loses it, the big softee).  Me and the kiddo went through all our tears when he started preschool (MUCH more traumatic at that age).  By the end of summer at home I think Chance and I both are ready for school.  I'm excited for him to make new friends and start learning new things. Trust me, he's honed his video games skills to a fine point. And yes, I'll admit we spent a good chunk of summer playing video games.  And swimming.  That's what summer is for!

Chance's uniform 002

Today was a short day where the parents stayed in the classroom with the kids (in case any of the  parents needed emotional support). The kids looked so cute in their little uniforms!  (Even though I still strongly disapprove of uniforms. No need to give up one's principals in the face of cuteness.)  Everything is spanking new so I figure this is the best they're going to look all year.  (And sure enough Chance slopped chocolate across his white shirt as soon as we headed home. (See right for the still clean version. Technically, he's also supposed to have a tucked in shirt and belt but… yeah.))  There is also a Boo Hoo Breakfast tomorrow for the parents (cue more emotional support) while the kids start their first real day.

Boo Hoo Breakfast. Go ahead, you can snort.

I'm only a little anxious.  Chance already stands out on energy level.  And they lengthened the kindergarten day from four hours to six hours just this year.  (I had a brief moment of panic when I heard about the longer days earlier in the summer, but I'm over it now.  I think.)  They also increased the class size to 30 kids.  However, his focus has gotten better and, hopefully, we'll see how his self-regulation for the SPD issues go.  He's still in group OT and speech which should help.  I'm anticipating that he might need something for his hands to squeeze.  His teacher seems great.  Very mellow and unfazed, like she's seen it all.  (Because who wants to walk into their kid's classroom to meet the high-strung teacher, right?)  And the parents seem really cool.  That's important because I've signed up for the parent participation program.  (Because it's all about me.)

You can't see me but I'm typing really fast.  I think I've drank my caffeine limit for the day already.  Talking about high energy, oy.

– the weirdgirl

P.S. I double checked and it says it's true but I'm not convinced "firstly" is a proper word.