This past Monday we got new carpets for our upstairs!  We've been meaning to get them replaced forever, but you know, who wants to move everything?  But we did.  It was hard work in a short time, it came out beautiful, and I got hurt in the process.  This is so sadly typical of my life.  So sad.

Here is the new beautiful room.


And here is a segment of the old grotty carpet still left in the bathroom. Yes, that giant pink spot is from my hair dye!  Why didn't we replace it in the bathroom too, you say?  Well, because who the hell puts carpeting in a bathroom anyway?  (I guess it's people who don't dye their hair punk colors.)  The plan is to eventually re-tile that bathroom and we thought, "Why beat up perfectly nice carpet? Let the old carpet continue to be trashed!"  

But I ain't gonna lie to you, now that see it next to the nice new carpet, it's bugging me. It's bugging me bad.

Must…control… impulse to… renovate!  Argh!