This week has been crazy. The termites? Yep, they’re all
dead. Bwa ha ha HA! And since I was trapped in the house while
men squirted toxic chemicals (snort), and
Chance was at preschool, I decided to paint his room. Which totally kicked my ass! Really, I had no idea my arms were such
wimpy, jelly-like noodles.

Chance’s room, however, is looking mighty cute. At least it will when I finish the last wall this
weekend (damn that last wall!). His “big boy bed” is on order and should be
coming soon. I’ll post pictures. And then one of you can graciously nominate
that day as “Most Boring Stereotypical Mommy Post Ever”. (But I’ll still be proud. My big boy and a pain-inducing paint
job! sniff)

Oh yeah, and then our heat went out… RIGHT after the termite
guys left. (Yeah, I’m blaming them and
their little drills.) Soooooo… the next
morning attend a birthday party and then race back to the house for another
service visit.

(I don’t do well without heat. Yes, I live in California. Yes, I am a big fucking wimp.)

Then today I ran around town with my brother picking up,
setting up, and then replacing missing parts for his drum set, which he
graciously lent me. You rock, kiddo!

However, I am at that point where even my butt hurts. You know that point? Just a little too much activity in too short
of a time. I count driving as “active”,
by the way. I get both stiff and sore in
the car. But I do drive a clutch. What?  There is such a thing as a stiff stick.

(Man, I am such the junior high sophisticate tonight I amaze

Anyway, aren’t I supposed to be unemployed? Where the hell are my bon-bons?

– the