So my post was eaten last night by typepad… after I had uploaded some videos too, darn it all!, and I was just too tired to do it all over again.  I have enough repetition in my life, thanks. In fact, I might as well make me a wheel and spin it every fifteen minutes and it would be probably be about as effective as my daily planning.)  Then I tried to upload the videos again this morning and AGAIN I am having problems!  grrrr  Now I have to go work (or not get paid) so I’m gonna stop futzing with my blog. 

grumble grumble growl

In the meantime, Katie’s brand new baby girl is here!  Stop by and welcome the young one.

And for all you comic book fans out there, these motivational wallpapers are super cool.  I’d much rather look at these on an office wall (or my computer) than some of those other cheesy posters.  Download yours now before he gets a cease and desist.                – wg