Scene: I’m sitting on
the pot when Chance rushes in and tries to hand me a toy.

Me: “No, Chance, I’m
going potty right now…”
Chance, blank stare
Me, pointing and cajoling: “Do you want to sit on YOUR potty? Your potty is right there.”
Chance, again tries to hand over the toy
Me: “No Chance, I’m
going potty. I’m pooping! In the potty!”
Chance, giving me the ol’ fish-eye
Me: “There’s your potty. You poop in the potty. Poop poop poop… poop poop poop… poop poop

And that’s when I realize that the service workmen, who are
currently in the basement (right below the vent by my feet), can probably hear


Everybody Posts

Fellow blogger, Katie,
has just started a contest/meme to find out how folks got started blogging and
why; starting with her own
. Wander on over and join in
the fun.

I got started blogging a few months after Chance was
born. I had hit that point when the new
experience of raising a baby had become less frenetic and scary, we had settled
into a routine, and I finally found myself with a little more time. About the same point one of my good friends, who
was laughing at me ranting about something inane, suggested that I start a
blog. I had toyed with the idea of
starting a website in the past (back in the day when you needed to know HTML
and when these things were still called websites and not blogs) and back then (pre-kid)
I had wanted to start a conspiracy blog… where all the conspiracies would be
entirely made up by me. With faked
pictures and outrageous claims.  And
ninjas (never forget ninjas).  Not even
conspiring with the current popular conspiracies out there, but just completely
off the wall. (This is why I get such a
kick out of sites like the Flying Spaghetti
Monster Theory
; obviously there are kindred spirits out there.)   So,
since I’ve always been a little off and I’ve always been a writer (in some form
or another), you can see how the idea of a blog as a creative outlet appealed
to me.  And low and behold, by the time I
finally looked into starting a blog, the software had come a long way and you
didn’t even need to know HTML anymore (score! ‘cause I had forgotten it all
anyway. You’d think I would have kept up on these things more, considering I
work in tech, but I hadn’t.) Anywho, I
started this blog purely as a creative forum, brain dump, and quasi-diary. Since I am a parent a lot of the content is
about parenting, and since I’m a smartass with an active imagination, a lot of
it is (hopefully) wry, funny and highlights the absurd and joyous in being a
parent and about life (because the absurd and joy are always a little
intertwined for me). I didn’t start this
blog to communicate with family, let them keep up with Chance’s progress, or
anything noble like that. In fact, this
blog is almost a completely family-free zone – that let’s me bitch when they
get on my nerves. I dubbed the site “the
weirdgirl” after my highschool I’m-sure-meant-as-an-insult nickname, which I
always found to be really funny (because yes, I am at least that weird). 

I feel blogging has introduced me to a great community,
people I would love to meet in person, and I feel blessed to by part of this
shared experience. In retrospect of the
writing, blogging has provided ample opportunity to publicly broadcast my every
day ding-a-ling moments.  Until they were
all in print I never realized how many moments there were!

 – the