So I've got to apologize because after I made my big wah wah last week about "what should I write about?" *whine moan whine* I have had no time to write anything!  NO TIME!  I didn't even get up the nice Mother's Day post I was planning or respond to anyone's comments on my last post. Let me assure you… I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment. I. Just. Suck.

I am looking forward to Summer. I am looking forward to TIME.  Now you'd think that as school drew to a close there would be less activities to bungle up all our schedules. Because everyone knows that as Spring progresses there are more and more things going on.  Right?  Weekend gets packed.  Everyone abandons winter gloom for outside activities. Everyone knows this!  So school should realize this, too.  But no, there is even more shit going on at school now than at the beginning of the year.  We just had school testing and the teacher appreciation luncheon.  In the library we've been trying to collect everyone's overdue books (ha ha ha!).  I'm still getting assessments done for Chance (more on that later).  Now we've got the spring fundraising carnival this weekend, plus the Science Fair.  Da da da DUH!  At this moment there are two petri dishes on my desk waiting for disposits of spit. I've already got samples from me, Chance, a cat, and the school nurse. Today I will be collecting from a dog.

I have never done a science fair.  I had to learn how to make agar (i.e. middle-aged woman freaking out while boiling water in the microwave and stirring seaweed-smelling goo).  Now I've got to figure out how to deal with that big cardboard presentation thingy in a way that is accessible for a kindergartener.  I don't want to DO his project (because, hello? cheat! And you know parents totally do that), but at his age he obviously still needs direction. 

But boy, am I floundering. I'll try not to splash anyone.              – wg